The new EU Polar Cluster video is now available!

The EU Polar Cluster is a network of collaborative polar projects funded by the European Commission, and two permanent members, the EPB and SIOS. We have a range of Arctic, Antarctic and Polar projects. Projects that have ended still provide input to the Cluster, and we include them here to support the legacy of these projects.

The Cluster merges a broad spectrum of research and coordination activities – ranging from the most up-to-date findings on permafrost and sea ice, from enhancing observation to improving predictions, and from networking research stations to coordinating access to icebreakers.

One of the missions of the Cluster is to organise joint activities by Cluster Members for greater impact than single project’s outputs, and to promote the European polar research community. One of these activities was to jointly produce a video and slideshow about the EU Polar Cluster and its individual members. These can now be found here: