Polar Expert Group


One of the main activities of EU-PolarNet 2 is represented by the Research Prioritisation process (WP3), within which a Polar Expert Group (PEG) has been established. The PEG tool is fundamental for prioritising research themes and formulate initial research actions to be carried out in the future.

From this large PEG group, the EU-PolarNet 2 Executive Board nominated the Executive Polar Expert Group (ExPEG). The ExPEG is intensively involved in the research prioritisation task.

The chairs of the ExPEG are:

  • Professor Pauline Snoeijs Leijonmalm –  Stockholm University
  • Dr. Giovanni Macelloni –  Institute for applied physics of the CNR
More information:

EU-PolarNet 2 Executive Polar Expert Group

Polar Climate Systems

Femke De Jong

Femke De Jong

Markus Rex

Lars Henrik Smedsrud

Lars Henrik Smedsrud

Florence Colleoni

Florence Colleoni


Søren Rysgaard

Søren Rysgaard

Julienne Stroeve

Julienne Stroeve


Giovanni Macelloni

Jari Haapala

goncalo_vieira_SAS (2)

Gonçalo Vieira

Palaeoclimate and Palaeoenvironment

Carlota Escutia

Polar Biology, Ecology and Biodiversity

Pauline Snoeijs-Leijonmalm for exPEG web page

Pauline Snoeijs

Bruno Danis

Danis Bruno

Jørgen Berge


José Xavier

Human impacts


Kees Bastmeijer

Anne Merrild


Atilla Yilmaz

Solid earth and its interactions

Vera Schlindwein

Vera Schlindwein

Laura Crispini

 Laura Crispini

Sustainable management of resources

Maria Fossheim

Agnieszka Kruszewska

Olivier Thebaud

People, Societies and Cultures

Rauna Kuokkanen

Rauna Kuokkanen

Christian Koch Madsen

Human health and Wellbeing

Birgitta Evengard

Birgitta Evengård

Nathalie Pattyn

Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space

Eija Tanskanen

New Technologies

Maarja Kruusmaa

Mike Rose