EU-PolarNet 2 survey on stake- and rightholder engagement conducted in European Polar research projects now online!

We invite European Polar research projects to take part to this online survey on on-going and planned
stakeholder and rightholder engagement in European Polar Research (Arctic and Antarctic). The survey
is open until February 28th, 2021. This survey is an integral part of the EU-PolarNet 2 project and aims to
support an effective stakeholder engagement process feeding into the prioritisation of European Polar
research. A second aim is to increase cooperation between the Polar research projects in the EU Polar Cluster
coordinated by EU-PolarNet 2, but we hope to expand our cooperation beyond this cluster as well.

Direct link to the survey:

What information is gathered in this survey?

· Ongoing and planned stakeholder and rightholder engagement activities in European Arctic and
Antarctic projects. This survey welcomes contributions from all projects working at Polar regions.
· Information for the update of the stakeholder map, developed in EU-PolarNet 1, including intermediaries.

How do your stake- and rightholders benefit from participation to this survey?

· A better coordination on engaging with stake- and rightholders in the EU Polar Cluster projects and
beyond. This would lead into a better coordination and developing joint actions to avoid duplication and
stakeholder fatigue.
· A respectful relationship between researchers and stake- and rightholders based on mutual respect. This
is gained by ensuring that relationships that have already been established between
researchers/research projects are respected and that new (research) activities will not interfere or
negatively influence these relationships.
· To make sure that all the relevant stakeholders are engaged in prioritising European Polar Research

How do we use the results?

The results of the survey will be compiled into two public EU-PolarNet 2 public deliverables on first
updating the stakeholder map and secondly on mapping the stakeholder activities. Both are EU-PolarNet
2 WP2 Stakeholder Involvement deliverables responsible by University of Oulu (UOULU), Finland (WP
leader) and Netherlands Polar Programme under Dutch Research Council, Netherlands (NWO).

What is our definition of stakeholders?

Our stakeholders are those who are potentially affected by or concerned about, interested in, important
to, or having any influence on the Polar research agenda or will be end-users of Polar research
outcomes. Stakeholders include a wide variety of public and private sectors including policy, business,
governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the wider society, including local and
Indigenous peoples (right holders).