Catalogue of National Polar Programmes and Other Large-scale Programmes

The “Catalogue of National Polar Programmes and Other Large-scale programmes” is the first and crucial step of EU-PolarNet 2 to improve the coordination and cooperation of national polar re­search programmes in Europe. The catalogue provides an over­view about the responsibilities, research focus and governance structures in European countries performing polar research. The heterogeneity of European National Polar programmes makes this catalogue an essential tool to facilitate the communication and to support synergistic joint actions among the national pro­grammes.

This catalogue is the result of a survey sent to the entire EU-PolarNet 2 consortium, based on a wide range of questions. The information received reflects the different approaches of each country to polar policy and re­search. The result is a structured, but diverse document giving every country the opportunity to gain insight in each other pro­cedures.

You can download the document here.